Neil Campbell (Managing Director)

Neil Campbell is the managing director and owner of RA Chain Sales UK Ltd. Neil has vast experience in chain technology. He was the managing director of Reilloc Chain in Kidderminster. They manufactured chains, mostly for coal mines. Neil has travelled the world in his position of MD. Neil specially developed fragmentation chains for fridge and weee recycling.

Sarah Collins (Finance Director)

Sarah Collins is the Finance and Sales Director. She has acquired many years of experience in both of her employment settings. She is an invaluable link between the customers and RA Chain Sales UK Ltd.

Colin Collier (Technical Chain Specialist)

Colin is our technical chain specialist. He has worked in a technical role at Reilloc Chain for over 40 years. He joined us 4 years ago as his technical knowledge is second to none. He is an invaluable member of our team and can answer all questions related to chain technology.